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Specializing in Pool Design, Construction, & Refurbishment Services

For homeowners in Louisville and surrounding communities, our pool pros have the experience to oversee your entire project, including pool design, pool construction, and even pool refurbishment. Continue reading to learn more about each of our services in more detail, and when you’re ready, request a free estimate for your swimming pool.

Pool Design Services

The design of your swimming pool should blend seamlessly with the layout of your home and your backyard. Our pool pros are capable of crafting unique pool design concepts, blending our expertise in engineering, drafting, and architecture.

For more complex projects, we can even present your future pool design with a 3D rendering to help you visualize your intricately detailed investment.

After we have completed your pool design, we will review it together, and can add or remove any features to make your pool exactly as you imagined. 

Once you have reviewed and approved the final design of your pool we will start the permitting process, getting you one step closer to your dream pool.

Pool Construction Services

There are multiple steps in constructing your pool from start to finish. After your design has been finalized and contracts and permits have all been approved, we can begin the process of making your backyard dreams come true. Below are the steps involved in your new pool construction:

  • Site Visit: Our onsite meetings with clients help us evaluate the unique factors impacting the installation of our pools. We address everything from elevations, grading, drainage, access, staging, equipment location, existing utilities (gas, electric, water, sewer, phone, cable, internet), as well as client questions or concerns.
  • Pool Dig: We begin by stripping and stockpiling the topsoil. We then layout the pool with corner stakes and offset boards for reference. Next we dig the pool to the proper slopes and depths, which takes expertise and care. After the main pool dig is complete, we make provisions for draining or pumping out the pool during rain events.
  • Pool Build: We construct either a concrete or stainless steel & concrete composite pool shell using the highest quality materials available in the pool industry. Concrete pool walls are poured using the Spider Tie system. Stainless steel pool walls are built with 14ga 304 stainless steel panels with a 2B finish.
  • Plumbing, Electrical, and Sanitation: Plumbing systems are designed and installed to meet or exceed residential pool codes. Electrical work meets or exceeds the National NEC as well as residential pool codes.
  • Pool Backfill and Deck: With the pool shell, plumbing, and electrical work complete, the pool is backfilled with clean crushed drainage stone. Final sub-grade elevations depend on the pool deck materials being used (concrete, pavers, turf, etc.). Finally the pool deck goes down and now the pool really starts to take shape.

Pool Refurbishment Services

If your pool develops cracks or other signs of wear and tear, it’s important to contact a professional pool remodeler you can trust before your outdoor living space becomes a safety issue. The team at 2PoolPros works quickly to transform your pool remodeling needs. Here are some of the more common repairs with aging pools:

  • Coping refurbishment: The coping is the pool’s upper most point above the water line. The coping is also what the pool deck abuts to. Over time copings often experience wear and damage. A well maintained coping helps to maintain the pool’s structural integrity by boosting swimmer safety and comfort, and by enhancing the pool’s visual appeal.
  • Pool deck refurbishment: Pool decks take a lot of abuse from pedestrian traffic, Mother Nature, pool chemicals, shifting earth, freeze/thaw conditions, etc. Over time these harsh affects often times cause cracking, shifting, and differential settlement to pool decks. We are pros with pool deck refurbishments bringing extended life and renewed beauty to your pool.
  • Pool shell cleaning: Grime, algae, and calcium can build up, causing problems for your pool and health if left untreated. We’ll brush and clean your pool walls, tile, waterline and steps to clean and help prevent future buildup.
  • Equipment and plumbing replacement: Pool equipment doesn’t last forever, and plumbing sometime fails or wears out. We’re here to help! Common equipment replacements include pumps, filters, heaters, chlorinators, sanitizers, strainers, valves, etc.

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